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Demon Moon

Demon Moon

According to legend, Zorn’s distant ancestors had vanquished fiery devils from the Demon Moon. Now, a thousand years later, that bloody red world looms closer every day. But Zorn knows little of the past. For generations, his family have been Lords of Wolver Riding, flying their winged unicorns to protect the land from werewolves, wyverns and other deadly threats. As Zorn grows, he finds his world increasingly strange. Where did the werewolves come from? How did unicorns fly? His questions end the day his evil uncle usurps the throne. Torn between ancient fears and modern science, wooed by a seductive temptress and plagued by a demonic priest, Zorn must unlock secrets shrouded in the mists of time – or watch everything he loves be consumed in the hellfire of the . . .
A Plague of Demons

A Plague of Demons

THE DEMONS HAD TO STOP JOHN BRAVAIS His secret assignment was simply – to save mankind from the savage dog-like ‘things’ that used their hands like men. Yet an unknown number of apparently ‘human’ beings were against him too. First transformed by surgery into a superman, John Bravais probes ever more deeply into the secret nightmare world of the ‘things’. At last, when only his mind remains – trapped in a vast robot war machine on the moon – only by an immense act of will-power can he give humanity a future.
Blade of the Poisoner

Blade of the Poisoner

Marked with the tainted sword of the evil Prince Mephtik, Jarral Gullen will die horribly unless both the blade and the prince are destroyed by the next full moon. With the help of his friends, Archer, Scythe and the Lady Mandragorina – a band of magically talented adventurers – Jarral undertakes a perilous journey to Mephtik’s demon-guarded fortress. Battling monsters and demons, they fight to overturn Jarral’s sentence of death. According to the wizard Cryl, only Jarral can save the country from Mephtik’s evil forces. Of the four friends, Jarral alone possesses the greatest magical talent. But will he live long enough to use it?
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