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He is a financial giant but the Sponsor wants more – he wants to become a super human, to be the modern-day Adam, father to a new generation of humans with heightened DNA. He had the viral injection to change himself, the will to do it, and now all he needs is an Eve to join him on his journey. He thinks he’s found the perfect match in Jean Sandra Norwich, a woman convinced she is trapped between the genes of her mother and daughter. The Sponsor offers her freedom – and so much more, the chance to be the mother of all Superbeings. But she will get more than she bargained for.

CONVERTS is a masterpiece of science fiction and Ian Watson has superbly reworked Ovid’s METAMORPHOSES to create an extraordinary futuristic tale.


Autumn term at Maybury University and as the nights draw in so does an atmosphere of menace. Dan Latcher, a previously quiet and withdrawn student, blossoms overnight into the forceful, illusion-working leader of The Crack – an organisation with the power to shape and alter its followers’ personalities, pushing them on to mindless heights of pleasure and pain.

When hitherto bright and vivacious Stephanie Peele becomes one of his converts, her worried room-mate Annie enlists the support of fellow student Ian. While the campus is further beset by an unknown knife-wielding psychopath, Annie and Ian pit their strength against the forces of evil as personified by Latcher and his infinitely more potent puppet master, Peregrine Stitch, voraciously sucking in new converts body and soul…
The Reproductive System

The Reproductive System

Wompler’s Walking Babies once put Millford, Utah, on the map. But they aren’t selling like they used to. In fact, they aren’t selling at all and the only alternative to winding the company up is to tap the government for a research grant. And so Wompler Research Laboratories and Project 32 come into being. The plan is to produce self-replicating mechanisms; identical cells equipped to repair intracellular breakdowns, convert power from their environment and create new cells. But suddenly the nondescript grey metal boxes start crawling about the laboratory, feeding voraciously on any metal… and multiplying at an alarming rate.
Fifty Days to Doom

Fifty Days to Doom

The galaxy is at war, a war between the oxygen-breathing Terran Federation of worlds and the Ginzoes, chlorine-breathing aliens. Neither side dare attack the others’ habitable worlds for fear of reprisals: the war has become a matter of spaceships firing on each other as they emerge from hyperspace.
An Earth ship is captured in battle by the Ginzoes, and its surviving crew learn that the aliens have gained possession of a newly-developed catalyst. If dropped into the oceans of oxygen planets the catalyst can liberate the chlorine from the sea and convert them to chlorine worlds suitable for the Ginzoes. The catalyst will be used unless the Terran Federation declares peace within fifty days. Fifty days to save Mankind . . . or fifty days to doom!
Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Dinner at Deviant's Palace

Welcome to the holy city.

Gregorio Rivas was a redeemer, one of the courageous men who snatched converts from the sinister cult of Norton Jaybush.

Currency brandy was what they used for money in post-nuclear L.A. Ten thousand fifths was the price Rivas set to retrieve the only girl he ever loved.

But when a hemogoblin whispered Come to me from the shadows, it looked like Gregorio Rivas would be leaving by the Dog Town gate.

Unless the genial host of Deviant’s Palace would swop an apostle for a hemogoblin. Norton Jaybush needed a new High Priest – and Rivas had been shortlisted for the job…

Winner of the Philip K. Dick Award for best novel, 1985
The Sirens Of Titan

The Sirens Of Titan

When Winston Niles Rumfoord flies his spaceship into a chrono-synclastic infundibulum he is converted into pure energy and only materializes when his waveforms intercept Earth or some other planet. As a result, he only gets home to Newport, Rhode Island, once every fifty-nine days and then only for an hour.

But at least, as a consolation, he now knows everything that has ever happened and everything that ever will be. He knows, for instance, that his wife is going to Mars to mate with Malachi Constant, the richest man in the world. He also knows that on Titan – one of Saturn’s moons – is an alien from the planet Tralfamadore, who has been waiting 200,000 years for a spare part for his grounded spacecraft …


Bleys Ahrens is now a political power on the planet Association, home of the Friendlies. His people – his Others, not Dorsai or Friendly or Exotic, but hybrids – are in place in all the new worlds and are ready to take his message to the greater human public. But within his inner circle is Henry McLean, Soldier of God, and a True Faith-Holder.

Henry fears for the soul of his nephew Bleys, and while he guards, he also watches and judges. And beyond Bleys Ahrens’ control is Hal Mayne: the one man in all the human worlds who might successfully challenge Bleys in his bid for power.

For Hal Mayne is the true culmination of the Cycle’s grand design. Bleys would give anything to convert Hal Mayne to his cause – or failing that, to destroy him.


The world designated 49381D is a small backwater planet inhabited by simple agrarians. The Galactic Expansion Service has an agent posted there to slowly bring the native species under the auspices of the Galactic community.

But the new Sector Chief, Harb Mallard, is a man of action. In less than two years he has attained his present rank and he is in a hurry to proceed even higher. With a display of false bravado backed up by hidden technological wonders, Harb Mallard infiltrates a warlike faction of the native population. He intends to rise swiftly to a position of power and then present the Galactic Expansion Service with a fully converted population in record time.
But what Harb doesn’t know is enough to cost him his sanity. The ultimate lesson is learned too late, for the end is always a direct result of the means.
Highway of Eternity

Highway of Eternity

It all began simply enough. A client had vanished, and Jay Corcoran went to investigate the man’s empty hotel suite. But Corcoran’s trick vision spotted the room-sized box stuck to the outside wall of the suite. There was no way to get into the box, so Corcoran cabled his long-time pal Tom Boone.

Boone had a talent. When threatened he could “step around a corner” into some otherwhere. Boone stepped into the box, taking Corcoran with him. The box turned out to be a time traveler machine that transported them back to 1745 England, where they found a family of refugees from a million years in the future. In that far future, alien Infinites were converting humanity to incorporeal form. When the family had refused conversion, they had to flee. For more than a century, the family had lain hidden in their time bubble.

Suddenly, the Infinites’ killer monster broke through–and things grew complicated as the family fled to the distant past and the farther future.
Dancers in the Afterglow

Dancers in the Afterglow

First came the tourists…

Ondine was a resort planet. Sixteen million tourists travelled there from just about every world you could think of to live and love in sixteen million different ways.

Then came the machists…

They had gobbled up world after world, spreading their culture to thousands of different races with a brutal, vicious, but most effective system. They were inhuman, unthinking…uncaring. The Combine had already seen what they had done on other worlds, seen whole populations converted into something horrible…something not quite human, non-thinking and no longer caring.

Now they had captured Ondine, and no human could save the planet.

And then Daniel came to Judgment.

Daniel was a cyborg, a former fighter pilot now wedded to a master computer and life-support system housed in a flying golden egg. He was the Combine scientists’ finest creation, a spaceship that could control twenty-two robot slaves. He was the perfect saviour for Ondine, but for one thing. Everyone seemed to forget that deep inside that golden egg was a very human being…
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