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Black Man's Burden

Black Man's Burden

The turmoil in Africa is only beginning-and it must grow worse before it’s better. Not until the people of Africa know they are Africans-not warring tribesmen-will there be peace…
The Muller-Fokker Effect

The Muller-Fokker Effect

This novel is about the first truly modern man.

His name’s Bob Shairp, and he gets completely turned into data and stored on computer tape. (How modern can you get?)

Actually, there are quite a few other modern characters (though none so modern as Bob) in this book. There’s Wes Davis, who knows the U.S. Army is part of a Black Conspiracy. And Billy Koch, the great faith-healing evangelist who orders a robot replica of himself to share the burden of crusading. And Glen Dale, editor of Stagman magazine and, strangely enough, a virgin. And Wise Bream, god of the Utopi Indians. And others, too numerous to enumerate.
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