Law of the Wolf Tower : The Claidi Journals

by Tanith Lee

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Orphan-slave Claidi knows only the mindless rituals and cruelties of the House and the Garden, where the ruling families wallow in lavish extravagance. Then a golden stranger promises freedom if she will journey with him through the savage Waste.

Mad tribes and strange cities, enemies and friends where she least expects them, above all the Wolf Tower that broods over the grim stone city of her destiny; nothing - and no one - is as it seems.

If she is to survive, Claidi must learn fast - hone her wits, sharpen her instinct for danger...

Freedom demands that she confront the Law - once and for all...


Titles in this series

  1. Law of the Wolf Tower by Tanith Lee
  2. Queen of the Wolves by Tanith Lee
  3. Wolf Star Rise by Tanith Lee
  4. Wolf Wing by Tanith Lee


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