Exit Humanity

by Leo Brett, and Lionel Fanthorpe, and Patricia Fanthorpe

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The ties of home were strong. In a few years man gets attached to bricks and mortar, and scenery. In a hundred years roots are so deep that no one wants to tear them up. In a thousand years it is quite unthinkable. In a million years, only a lunatic would want to leave...
Then came the alien, presenting an impossible choice... Humanity must leave the Earth - or die! Behind them was everything they had known. In front of them, an unknown to-morrow.
Which were the greater - the hazards remaining or the dangers of the infinite void ahead?
Could they trust the alien?
He said there was another world, a safe world, that would be a new home - but was it all a trap?
There were dangers out there. The dangers of a population confined in ships for a half a life-time; the dangers of cosmic radiation; danger of attacks by the 'Others'!
Only men of the highest courage and the greatest integrity could hope to survive in the raw, searing savagery of the unknown...



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