Emperor of Everything, The : THE EMANCIPATOR SEQUENCE

by Ray Aldridge

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Slavery is the corporate foundation of the powerful Pangalic Worlds where Ruiz Aw leads a dangerous double life, as an enforcer for the Art League that so brutally controls its slaves and as an Emancipator dedicated to eradicating the cruel business. After escaping from a herd of slaves, and voyaging across the perilous and magical world of Sook, he and his band of refugees become trapped a rotting city called SeaStack. The biomechanical city however, has secrets that no one can begin to fathom. Ruiz must use his skills to kill for money, and the battle for safety just might a secret that will challenge the foundations of the universe.


Titles in this series

  1. Emperor of Everything, The by Ray Aldridge
  2. Orpheus Machine, The by Ray Aldridge
  3. Pharaoh Contract, The by Ray Aldridge


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