Dragon and the Djinn, The : DRAGON CYCLE

by Gordon R Dickson

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It seems a simple quest for a happy occasion: Sir James Eckert, the brave Dragon Knight, accompanies Sir Brian Neville-Smythe to the Holy Land to ask his beloved's father for her hand.

But the Holy Land holds more than they bargained for. As the pair face pirates, sea giants, and the legendary Djinn, this 'simple' quest becomes the most dangerous odyssey the Dragon Knight has even undertaken. For the Djinn hold more power over good and evil than even the most powerful magicians - including the Dragon Knight himself . . .

Gordon R. Dickson continues his spectacular saga of a twentieth-century American transformed into a Dragon Knight - and transported into a fantastic medieval adventure.


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  2. Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent, The by Gordon R Dickson
  3. Dragon and the George, The by Gordon R Dickson
  4. Dragon and the Gnarly King, The by Gordon R Dickson
  5. Dragon at War, The by Gordon R Dickson
  6. Dragon in Lyonesse, The by Gordon R Dickson
  7. Dragon Knight, The by Gordon R Dickson
  8. Dragon on the Border, The by Gordon R Dickson
  9. Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll, The by Gordon R Dickson


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