Double, Double

by John Brunner

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Inkosi - the magnificent Ridgeback

Bruno and Hermetic Tradition - a pop-rock-mod group consisting in part of Bruno Twentyman, Cressida Beggarstaff, Gideon Hard, Liz, Nancy, Glenn and others.

Dr. Tom Reedwall, who works for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Miss Felicia Beeding, a pathetically daffy old drunk, a living in a burned out house above a chalk cliff.

Joseph Leigh-Warden, a rundown journalist, mostly sour, sometimes vicious.

Sergeant Branksome and Rodge Sellers of the local constabulary.

Radio Jolly Roger - a piratical broadcasting station whose personnel sometimes fished.

And many more.

What peculiar invisibility tied these disparate types together - threatening to make them all the same? They themselves didn't know - and perhaps never would.



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