Dark Dimensions, The : John Grimes

by A. Bertram Chandler

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Commodore John Grimes was finally getting his space wings back. On his old ship, Faraway Quest, Grimes was to venture forth to the very Rim of the known worlds, seeing ... The Outsider.

"The Outsider's Ship ... is a storehouse of science and technology ... we, and the Federation, and the Shaara Empire, and probably quite a few more, have sent expeditions. Every one has ended disastrously."

So, it is out to the Rim and find The Outsider. But the mystery ship is not always easy to find. And other worlds, too, yearn for the treasures of the alien technology. What Commodore Grimes finds at the Rim, and what finds him there, sends him racing through time tracks, surrounded by enemies and temporary friends, trying endlessly to discover the secret dangers of ... The Outsider.


Titles in this series

  1. Catch the Star Winds by A. Bertram Chandler
  2. Dark Dimensions, The by A. Bertram Chandler
  3. Rim of Space, The by A. Bertram Chandler


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