Clash of the Star-Kings

by Avram Davidson

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You might have thought that the Fiesta of the Holy Hermit in the Mexican town of Los Remedios was just another of those quaint colourful ceremonies that the Indian natives put on each year for the mystification of tourists. And perhaps for the past few hundred years it had bee nothing more than that - but this year was to be different.
For Jacob Clay, the American expatriate, had been poking into the buried secrets of that mountain community which dated back before the Aztec Empire, and he had begun to entertain a shocking suspicion. Before that fiesta was over he was due to learn the volcanic reality behind:
The Holy Hermit - a mummy that was not a mummy...
Tlaloc - a statue that was not just a thing of stone...
Huitzilopochtli - a legend that was stark realism...
And what started as a holiday turned into a nightmare on which pivoted the fates of the very stars themselves!



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