Bill, the Galactic Hero: The Final Incoherent Adventure : BILL THE GALACTIC HERO

by David Harris, and Harry Harrison

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BILL - the army's made him what he is today - the perfect Starship Trooper, proud possess of two right arms and a lockerful of feet suitable for every occasion.

BILL - this time he's really put his foot (the Swiss-Army one with the special attachments, secret compartments, collapsible mess-kit and condom dispenser) right in it.

BILL's been volunteered to join a suicide squad run by Captain Cadaver to the well-known hell-hole planet of Eyerack. The orders are DEATH OR GLORY - and GLORY made a point of never returning the invitation to the war. So. Can this really be IT? The Long Goodbye? Zero Hour? Harmonicas at dawn? The end of a brilliantly undistinguished career of military mishaps? What can I tell you?

This IS BILL's final incoherent adventure!


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