Bill, the Galactic Hero: Planet of Tasteless Pleasure : BILL THE GALACTIC HERO

by David Bischoff, and Harry Harrison

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He's the perfect Spaceship Trooper: big, strong, and completely brainwashed. He's the perfect hero: willing to do almost anything to save his neck (perhaps one of the only body parts that's still his own.)

Bill is in the hospital, vainly hoping for a real foot to replace the satyr's foot he's been lumbered with. Not that he has anything against satyrs - at least not until one grabs him by the foot and pulls him under the ocean. Into a world of unspeakable and endless pleasures! Roaming this dimension of primordial desires, Bill faces dragons and gunslingers for the sake of true love - and a really good beer!


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  4. Bill, the Galactic Hero: Planet of the Hippies from Hell by Harry HarrisonDavid Bischoff
  5. Bill, the Galactic Hero: Planet of the Zombie Vampires by Harry HarrisonJack C Haldeman II
  6. Bill, the Galactic Hero: The Final Incoherent Adventure by Harry HarrisonDavid Harris
  7. Bill, the Galactic Hero: The Planet of the Robot Slaves by Harry Harrison


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