Best of Philip E. High, The

by Philip E. High

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The Best of Philip E. High

Welcome to the Bizarre Imagination of Philip E. High.

-A world without laws where the basest criminal activity flourishes unchecked in a dog-eat-dog society;
-When the crew of a submarine find themselves flung millions of years into the past the consequences are devastating;
-The minds of the entire population of a city are infected by the thoughts of a madman, and become insane themselves - and the contagion is spreading;
-Mankind is facing extinction by an alien race of mind-readers who can anticipate man's every counter attack.

Here is the first-ever collection of the greatest short stories of one of Britain's finest-ever SF writers - Philip E. High! Already well know on both sides of the Atlantic as a writer of many exciting adventure novels, these twelve stories reveal High as a true literary craftsman. A major science fiction event that is not to be missed!



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