by D.G. Compton

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Into a future where a depleted fuel supply had the world spiralling down into grinding poverty and constant war came . . . Moondrift. Mysterious white flakes of alien matter that was the perfect fuel - clean powerful, dependable.

But the aliens - or whatever they were - who sent Moondrift seemed to demand a heavy ransom in return. After each Moondrift comes an eerie sound, as pure as a children's choir, heard all over the world. It mesmerises all who hear it with it's beauty - and when it is ended, certain people have simply disappeared without warning, never to be seen again.

This is the story of one who disappeared . . .



  1. thremnir
    'A man therefore, and now a woman...but hardly, as yet, anything in the least unsuitable' thus a gloriously deranged insurance scam unfolds amidst cosmic apocalypse. The synopsis above is breathtakingly misleading, merely summing up the background to what is a characteristically intimate Compton human character study in greed, deceit and blackmail.

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