Clifford D. Simak

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Clifford D. Simak (1904 -1988)
Clifford Donald Simak was born in Wisconsin, in 1904. He attended the University of Wisconsin and spent his working life in the newspaper business. He flirted briefly with science fiction in the early '30s but did not start to write seriously until John W. Campbell's Astounding Stories began to rejuvenate the field in 1937. Simak was a regular contributor to Astounding throughout the Golden Age, producing a body of well regarded work. He won the Nebula and multiple Hugo Awards, and in 1977 was the third writer to be named a Grand Master by SFWA. He died in 1988.


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City (1952)


time_and_again_140px ring_around_the_sun_140px time_is_the_simplest_thing_140px they_walked_like_men_140px way_station_140px
Time and Again (1951) Ring Around the
Time is the
Simplest Thing
They Walked Like Men (1962) Way Station (1963)


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