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John W. Campbell

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Born in New Jersey in 1910, John W. Campbell studied physics at MIT and then Duke University. Although a prolific early pulp writer - he made his first sale while still in his teens and was a recognised name in the genre by the time he was 21 - it was as an editor that he is best remembered. In 1937 he was appointed editor of Astounding Stories (now Analog), and over the next few decades would have an enormous influence on the field. He continued as editor of Astounding until his death in 1971.


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mightiest_machine_the_140px who_goes_there_140px moon_is_hell_the_140px cloak_of_aesir_140px black_star_passes_the_140px
The Mightiest Machine (1947) Who Goes There? (1948) The Moon is Hell (1951) Cloak of Aesir (1952) The Black Star Passes (1953)

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